"Imagine a world where robots, AI & digital disruption competes for our attention every day. To stay ahead, we'll need to be more human than ever."


Why are we here? How did we get to this point?

It is widely and globally acknowledged that our education systems are no longer fit for purpose. 
In fact, the emergence of the world wide web in 1991 dramatically changed how we share and interact with information, communication, ideas, knowledge and commerce.
For the past 20+ years experts in the fields of education, economics, technology, psychology, neuroscience, architecture, thought leadership and more, have dedicated their professional work to exploring the creation of a more relevant approach to learning in the 21st Century. 
We are now in an exciting time where a new learning paradigm is emerging, has been validated internationally and is now available to implement within the Australian sector.


Childhood is becoming more virtual and less grounded. While we acknowledge that the future is no doubt a digital one, how do schools and families move forward together in advocation for balance : deep connection to the natural environment AND meaningful application of emerging technologies?

Outside of homeschooling, a lack of flexible learning pathways exist to support young learners pursuing vocational endeavours unsupported during school hours.

Independent schools in the Noosa region currently experience waitlists of up to 90 students per year level. Public schools are almost entirely landlocked limiting future expansion. There is no future focused education solution accessible to Noosa learners of all ages.

According to the World Economic Forum 50% of all employees will need re-skilling by 2025.

How can we possibly prepare our children for their rapidly evolving future via existing education models that have scarcely evolved over centuries? And how do we create a model that continually evolves at pace?

The education system has remained steadfast in standardisation for too long, ignoring the uniqueness of each child and ultimately contributing to devastating mental health conditions within our young. According to Beyond Blue statistics, one in ten young people aged 12 to 17 years have engaged in self-harm and suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for young Australians. 


A school pursuing the balance of deep natural connection &

the deep knowledge & purposeful application of digital technologies of the future.





Noosa - a place of incredible natural beauty and diversity. Of only 4 UNESCO Biosphere reserves in Australia, we have 2 side by side! It could be said that there is no better place in Australia to pursue studies enriched with deep connection to the natural world.

We are within the ideal location to nurture the next generations of impact innovators.

Noosa has a growing digital technologies industry and an impressive pool of creatives in residence. Let's link and leverage that creativity, design and technology knowledge to a childhood rich in connection to our natural environment. 

Our learners require flexibility to pursue their passions while still being exposed to the open landscape of global opportunity thus maximising personal happiness and their contribution to both local community and the greater world. 

Joy! It is our responsibility to advocate for our children and for their childhood. Universities and employers globally are growing in acknowledgment of the "not-fit-for purpose nature of existing assessments." By redefining our metrics of learner competencies and purposefully sitting outside of the box of standardisation, children are able to shine in their uniqueness and find joy in their every day. 

"It is beneath human dignity to lose one's individuality and become a mere cog in the machine" - Mahatma Gandhi